Introductory Permaculture

These videos are sourced from part of the introductory pre-course material from our Permaculture Design Course. They are offered here for your viewing and reflection. We will continue to update and develop this page but wanted to make them available to folks ASAP. Our intention is that they will help you to understand permaculture better and improve your practice.

These videos are intended for your own viewing and use. If you wish to use these, in part or in whole, for any public showing or teaching situation, please contact us to discuss.

If you have questions about the material or would like to brainstorm and discuss your own property or situation, please contact us at

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What is permaculture?

There are a lot of definitions. Some people say permaculture is working with nature or even “beyond sustainable design.” A lot of people think that permaculture is just about gardening or growing food, and parts of it are, but in fact a better description is “a design system which solves problems.” One that we are especially comfortable with is: “Permaculture is an ethical system which re-integrates humans with the natural world.”

Permaculture incorporates: natural systems, built systems and energy use, social dynamics, and culture. It favors building biological diversity into our lives and limiting the use of materials which are extracted from the earth in a destructive manner. It encourages us to work with each other in participatory, affirming manner which considers future generations.

Who is this permaculture introduction for?
  • Homeowners, farmers, and neighborhood leaders
  • Systems thinkers: those who want to work on problem-solving and learning design skills
  • Those interested in conservation and ecosystem health
  • Urban, suburban, and rural people of all kinds
  • People considering having some design work done for them or considering taking a permaculture course.

The course is divided up into five sections:

Intro to Permaculture

The Physical Landscape

The Human Environment

Scaling Up


Donations help us make more videos!

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