Plants & Permaculture

Plants and their relationship to ecosystems provide the basis of life on Earth. If we are about learning to work more closely with nature to provide for our needs (moving from a mechanical/industrial toward a biological/ecological paradigm) it will help us to get more comfortable with plants!

Permaculture design focuses a great deal on designing with plants as sources of food, beauty, fuel, medicine, fragrance, and much more. This one-day workshop, led by Rhonda Baird, will help you get a handle on how to design with plants, set them –and yourself–up for success to increase yields, ecological function and beauty in your life. Come with questions, drawings, samples, and leave with more plants–and more confidence–than you came!

In this full and wonderful day at the Old School House, we’ll have a chance to learn:

  • How to choose plants for your garden design
  • Sketch designs and strategies for gardening throughout the year–wherever you live.
  • What plants need to thrive (and how you can over do it)
  • Basic skills to help plants give you great yields and give you confidence in growing
  • How plants work together in communities–that can keep them healthier and save your time and money
  • An introduction to integrated pest management
  • Tips and tricks on processing and storage for your harvest
  • Tour of the community garden and design for that site!

Rhonda Baird, permaculture educator and designer, has been gardening her entire life, as well as foraging and is a self-taught herbalist. Despite this, she didn’t believe she had a green thumb until she began practicing permaculture.

May 26, 2019

10 am – 4 pm

Old School House, Hillside, IL

We look forward to seeing you with us that day! Register here.