Rhonda Baird

Rhonda Baird grew up in the Midwest close to nature–foraging and gardening for family self-sufficiency. Her connection to nature and her experiences in a small farming and factory town shaped her work in environmental organizing, domestic violence work, community organizing and academic work in American History (Labor and Social Reform) and also in Religious Studies (South Asian focus).

Her interest in social systems, tending culture, political economy, and ecological health blend well in her teaching and design work. Rhonda has had the pleasure of working on single herb bed designs with children to many residential, farm-scale, and commercial projects in both rural and urban settings.

She teaches the permaculture design process, topical, and advanced courses through short workshops and the full permaculture design course. Most of her work is done through Sheltering Hills Design, LLC, which she originated in 2006.

She holds diplomas in Education and Site Design from the Permaculture Institute of North America.

Rhonda also engages in numerous projects scaling from her own community through global reach. You can find out about her current projects and what’s going on NOW.

You can reach out to her through this page.